About Cyborg Ethnography

Cyborg Ethnography is a unique concept for studying life in organisations, and follows a tradition based on theoretical work in critical organisation studies, anthropology and post-humanism; bringing theories on technology, culture and people to life for organisations aiming to hold up a mirror to themselves and solve problems.

The Cyborg Ethnography pioneered at SharpCyborg was created by the academic and group consultant Felicity Heathcote-Márcz.

Felicity leads the Cyborg Ethnography programmes offered by SharpCyborg. She specialises in work with large blue chip companies in the financial and technology sectors, and has carried out long term immersive studies of culture, people and technologies.

Here Felicity appears in the guise of the ‘cyborg ethnographer’. #BlueCyborg #CyborgArt




Our logo at SharpCyborg represents the hidden worlds visited by the Cyborg Ethnographer: the worlds of organisations that may frighten, delight, surprise, intrigue, or confound those reported back to at base camp. The Cyborg Ethnographer is given the unique position of peering into the windows of these worlds, stepping into new territories and learning the customs and language, then stepping back out again and returning to the homeland (or academic office…)

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